Putting Sustainability Practices Into Action

Our Senior Management

Deborah Porter, President & CEO

Eric Porter, Vice President, CFO

Stacey Biddle, Project Director

Luke Jernigan, Web Content Director, SEO Advisor

Timothy Folger, Creative Director

Dennis Kunc, Web Development Director


We strongly believe in the sustainability practices which we promote and accordingly, we are a virtual office.  To support an eco-friendly workplace, each of our consultants works from his/her home office.  This type of work environment allows us to maintain low overhead costs – a savings passed along to you.  

Each person of our consulting team is a specialist in his/her area of expertise.  We price on a project basis, only bringing in and charging for the specific service provided by each consultant – yet another savings passed along to you.

We are committed to consistently providing superior service to all our customers.  We serve multiple industries including, but not limited to, the financial services, health care, environmental, technology, wedding and retail sectors.  Our team has worked with business-to-business, business-to-consumer and direct-to-consumer sales structures in entrepreneurial, small- and medium-sized companies.

Central Contractor's Registration (CCR)

Debutante, Inc. is a registered U.S. Federal Contractor as of 2011. As a small business, the company is able to bid on and accept government contracts.

US Contracter Certified

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