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According to National Geographic, one trillion new pieces of paper are generated every year in North America.  The paper usage in the United States alone equates to 18.5 million trees being depleted per year.  It is predicted that from 1995 to 2015, paper consumption in the United States will grow from 43.7 to 65.6 million tons. 


Offering an economic alternative to traditional paper invitations, WedEnvite will offer high-end electronic wedding announcements and invitations which will:

  1. Decrease the stationery and postage costs associated with a bridal couple’s wedding by a minimum of $512.00*
  2. Reduce the use of paper in the wedding industry by a minimum of 1.54 billion pieces of paper in the United States per year**
  3. Build awareness and distribution of eco-conscious products and services in the wedding industry

For every wedding invitation package purchased, Debutante, Inc. will donate $1.00 to the Earth Day Coalition to assist with their four core environmental programs: clean fuels, Earth Day, student leadership
and neighborhood action.

Visit www.WedEnvite.com for ongoing site developments.

* Only takes into consideration the initial wedding invitation and reply card package printing and mailing costs for an average wedding of 175 attendees.

** Based upon wedding industry stats of 2.2 million weddings per year, minimum four pieces of paper (invitation, invitation envelope, reply card, reply card envelope), and an average 175 attendees.

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